Operating Systems


    Microsoft Windows


    Connecting to a Windows server with Remote Desktop (RDP)

    Authorizing an IP Address in Windows Firewall

    Change the Remote Desktop Connection port to your Windows Server

    Windows Server 2012 - Windows Server Backup

    Windows Server 2012 – The New Server Manager

    Windows Server 2012 – Personalizing the Start Menu

    Defragmenting and optimizing Windows Server 2012

    Windows Server 2012 – Accessing the New Start Menu

    Windows Server 2012 – How to Reboot Your Server

    Windows Server 2012 – Task Manager

    Displaying Windows Server information (version and edition)

    Installing FTP server in IIS 7





    Confirming the Linux version on your server

    Confirming your Linux version or Kernel version

    Upgrading Ubuntu OS

    Remote Desktop from a Linux Computer with Remote Desktop

    Adding repositories to a Linux server

    What are shell scripts?

    Managing iptables through CSF (Linux Command Line)

    Connecting with Secure Shell (SSH)

    Getting started with iptables

    Troubleshooting network problems in Linux

    Resetting root passwords with a KVM/IP

    Changing SMTP ports (Linux)

    Editing files in SSH using VI

    Frequently used SSH commands and their usage

    Modifying SSH connection ports

    Adding and viewing IP addresses on CentOS servers

    How to view processor details in Linux

    Copying a file from one Server to another through SSH

    Adding DNS resolver addresses from the shell

    Scanning for malware with Linux Malware Detect (LMD)

    Installing and configuring ClamAV for cPanel

    Querying DNS records for a domain

    How to view users that are connected to your server

    Viewing information about connected FTP users





    Supported Operating Systems

    Installing an Operating System with IPMI

   Testing an Operating System upgrade prior to installation

    Reinstalling Servers

    What are shell scripts?