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    DNS & Private DNS Servers


    Creating Private Nameservers at KEKdomains.com

    Creating Private Nameservers at Register.com

    Creating Private Nameservers at OpenSRS

    What Is an IP Address?

    What is a CNAME record?

    Creating Private Nameservers at NetworkSolutions.com

    Creating Private Nameservers at GoDaddy.com

    What is Domain Name System (DNS)?

    What is a DNS Server?

    What is a Reverse DNS lookup?

    What is an SPF Record?

    Adding DNS resolver addresses from the shell

    What is a NS record?

    What is an A record?

    How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Problem

    Malware & DNS Servers

    How to Change DNS Servers in Windows

    What is an MX record?


   File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Client Software


    Uploading files using WinSCP

    Uploading files using WS_FTP

    Downloading files using WS_FTP

    How to Configure FTP Client on Local PC

    What is File Transfer Protocol (FTP)?

    Connecting to the Server via Core FTP

    Managing files/folders & Change of Permissions in WinSCP

    Uploading files using FTP Voyager

    What is an FTP port?

    File System Permissions (Unix / Linux)

    Viewing information about connected FTP users

    Active and Passive Mode FTP Connections


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


    Maintaining SEO rankings during migration

    Understanding web crawlers

    Increasing search engine ranking for websites - Search Engine Optimization

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Important?

    Guide to Link Building (SEO)

    Beginner's Guide to SEO

    Social Media Trends




    Troubleshooting Wordpress

    What is WordPress?

    How to Install WordPress

    Configuring settings in WordPress

    Changing your password in WordPress

    WordPress Toolkit

    Adding existing WordPress Installations to WordPress Toolkit

    Importing WordPress Installations

    Importing Applications

    Requirements for WordPress

    Managing WordPress Instances

    Managing Plugins in WordPress

    Managing Themes in WordPress

    How to Secure WordPress

    How do you write a comment in WordPress?




    Logging into Joomla as the default administrator

    How to change the default admin's username in Joomla

    How to block or delete a Super Administrator in Joomla

    How to use the Mass Mail system in Joomla

    What is Joomla?

    How to specify what media can be uploaded in Joomla

    How to manage global settings in Joomla

    How to prevent new user registrations in Joomla

    How to check-in locked items in Joomla

    How to view system information in Joomla


    Web Best Practices


    Getting Free SSL/TLS Certificate from Let's Encrypt

    Uploading a temporary maintenance page

    Confirming your PHP version

    Adding your own SSL Certificate

    PHP Settings in Plesk

    Previewing a website before DNS is pointed

    Setting the Default Homepage

    How to change PHP settings/version for a domain in Plesk